"Subhechha" is a compound word, formed from joining  two words  "Subha"  (good) and  "Ichha" (wish or will or desire). Once the Yogi gets saturated with enjoying the various objects of desire in this world, the "Yogi" wonders if this is it, or if there is something more. The genesis of this self-analysis is known as "Subhechha." Quest about the "Atman" or the "Self" itself is "Subhechha." Since there is nothing greater than the "Self" or the "Soul" as per Sam Yogi, the quest to know more about the "Soul" itself is "Subhechha."

Amongst thousands upon thousands of human beings, one per chance dabbles in "Yoga", and from amongst thousands of such "Yogis", only one realizes: "Like a fool, I am wasting my life away, running after these perishable things that the mind desires. May be it is time for me to go look for a guide." This realization itself is "Subhechha." For the Yogi who is in this stage, the requisite practice is SHRAVANA.


Fellow humans! Arise from your worldly slumber. From time immemorial,  you have not known your "self", you have not known the nature of your "soul." Find a good spiritual Guide who is both SHROTRIYA and BRAHMANISTHA; and learn the nature of the "self" well. Why? Because those who "know" consider roaming around in this world without knowledge to be as dangerous as walking on the edge of a sword without shoes on. Further, only those guides who are beyond the fish-net of worldly bondage are qualified to guide you!