By "Shravana" or hearing, "Manana" or contemplating, and "Nididhyasana" or meditating, the Yogi ultimately attains "Satva" or equanimity (as opposed to "Rajas" or activity and "Tamas" or lethargy), fortified with "TatvaJnana".  "TatvaJnana" is  "Jnana" or  knowledge of  the  "Tatva" or the ultimate substance (viz., "Brahman"). One established firmly in "Satva", without any doubt whatsoever, is said to have attained the liberated stage of "Satvapatti." The title given to the "Jnani" or Yogi who always dwells in the Satvapatti stage is "Brahmavid."

In this stage, the YOGI has passed on from the "Mumukshu" stage to the "Jnani" stage. A mumukshu is someone who wants to know, whereas a Jnani is someone who knows...By virtue of "Nididhyasana" and "Tat-Twam-Padartha-Sodhana", the "Jeeva" or soul receives "Atmanistha". "Atmanistha" is "Nistha" or firm belief and confidence in the true nature of the "Atman" or the individual soul. What is that confidence or firm belief? Just as an ordinary person knows that he / she is a mere human being, similarly someone who is truly "Atmanistha"  also becomes "Brahmanistha". I.e., he / she has "Nistha" in his true nature as "I am brahman"; for he  thoroughly  realises that "Atman" or the individual soul is nothing but a portion of "Brahman" or the over-soul or "the other" or the "most holy" (some Christians call it the Father-in-Heaven, authors like Napoleon Hill have called it the Infinite Intelligence, the American Indians call it the Spirit-that-Moves-in-All-Things, the transcendentalists like Emerson call it the over-soul).

How is "Atman" a portion of "Brahman?" Just like the space contained in a pot is nothing but the space outside the pot (i.e., if you break the pot, the space inside vanishes, mingling with the space outside the pot), this "Atman" or soul, is nothing but the over-soul.

The Yogi, once established in the "Satvapatti" stage, realizes the ultimate truth: "Aham Brahmasmi" or I am "Brahman."

(CAUTION: This knowledge that "I AM GOD" does not apply to the sense world; it has nothing to do with EGO; it is synonymous with ego-less homogeneous consciousness.

In other words, this realization or self-witnessing, without ANY EGO, is the goal of knowledge, the goal of man, the goal of life, is true man-making).