The Relationship Dilemma

(56 minute long podcast of selected sections from the Brihadaranyaka)

In this 56 minute discourse, Sam Yogi delves into the relationship dilemma plaguing the first world, and increasingly, the third world.

1. 50% of marriages in the first world are ending in divorce: Wives want to have fun with males other than the husbands, husbands want to get pleasure from women other than their wives (in whatever form that pleasure may be --- it is not always limited to sex), and the results are more and more divorces, more and more separations.

2. When parents stay in marriages for the "sake of their children", these marriages are frequently joy-less and sex-less, etc.

Once you listen to Sam Yogi's explanation and understand why the "Self" is the most loved thing in the world, your spiritual (and material) world will change for ever.  If properly understood, it can  elevate  humans  to the same  level as the Source-of-All-Energy we come from; if poorly understood, the result can be devastating: we get "self-absorbed" so much that our partner suffers, our children suffer, our marriage suffers, and friends and family suffer, and we are ultimately doomed to misery, which is not how life should be lived.

In case your browser can't play the above podcast, here is the mp3 version.