"By Shravana, Knowledge dawns. That is the flame. By Manana, the Knowledge is not allowed to vanish. Just as the flame is protected by a wind-screen, so the other thoughts are not allowed to overwhelm the right knowledge. By Nididhyasana, the flame is kept up to burn bright by trimming the wick. Whenever other thoughts arise, the mind is turned inward to the light of true knowledge...The inquiry “Who am I?” is the Shravana. The ascertainment of the true import of ‘I’ is the Manana. The practical application on each occasion is Nididhyasana."

                                                                                                                                  - Ramana Maharshi

Nididhyasana has two components. The first is the rejection of what is false. The practitioner rejects the false identification with the "Sharira" or body etc. thus --- I am not the "Sharira" or the body. I am not the "Sthula Sharira" or the gross body": I am not long, I am not short, I am not thin, I am not fat, I have no caste, I am not dark-skinned nor am I fair-skinned. I have no race. I am not the "Sukshma Sharira" or the subtle body: I am not the "Manas" or mind, I am not the "Buddhi" or intellect, I am not the "Chitta" or mind-stuff, I am not the "Ahamkara" or egoism. I am not the "Karana Sharira" or the causal body: I am not the "Ajnana" or ignorance which is the cause of this false existence. I am not the "Sthula Sharira" (gross body), I am not the "Sukshma Sharira" (subtle body), I am not the "Karana Sharira" (causal body).

The second component of Nididhyasana is constant "Nischaya" or determination of identifying with the truth or Brahman. The seeker asserts this by "sthiti" or continuously staying mentally in this manner: I am the Atman (soul or self or spirit), the "Drashta" or observer. I am "Shuddha" or pure, "Buddha" or enlightened, "Mukta" or free, without birth, "Akriya" or without actions, "Asanga" or without company, "Advitiya" or without a second, "BRAHMA-Rupa" or of the form of Brahman. I am the light of knowledge which dispels the ignorance which has been my cause of bondage to the gross / subtle / causal bodies since beginningless time. Now that I know that I am Shuddha (pure), Buddha (enlightened), Mukta (free), Asanga / Advitiya (without a second), I know that I am one with that (Brahman). I know Brahman. Brahmavid Brahmaiva Bhavati: One who knows Brahman, becomes Brahman. I am one with Brahman. I am Brahman. Aham Brahmaasmi (I am Brahman --- without the ego). My ego (subtle body) is falling off; my ignorance (causal body) is vanishing; I am free. I am free.

So, Nididhyasana is constant meditation in the following manner (YOU CAN TREAT THE FOLLOWING AS A MANTRA, COMMIT IT TO THE MIND, AND REPEAT IT AS OFTEN AS YOU LIKE):
OM... OM... OM... I am not the Sthula, Sukshma, or Karana Sharira. I am not the Manas, I am not the Buddhi, I am not the Chitta, I am not the Ahamkara. I am the Atman, I am the Drashta, I am Shuddha, I am Buddha, I am Mukta, I am Akriya, I am Asanga, I am Advitiya, I am BRAHMA-Rupa. I know BRAHMAN. AHAM BRAHMAASMI... AHAM BRAHMAASMI... AHAM BRAHMAASMI... OM... OM... OM...

Sam Yogi: The above can be applied when you are in strife, when things are not going your way, when things are going your way, and when you are on the top of the world. Don't just apply it when your servant kicks you around, but that could be a start??