Mumukshuta (Need for Liberation from Bondage)

Unless the light of "Jnana" or Knowledge dawns, the darkness of "Ajnana" or ignorance dominates. This is similar to the concept of bringing in light into a dark-room; once there is light, darkness vanishes.

For most people, the psychological world is dominated by fear, depression, sorrow, jealousy / envy. This "lower self" is thus said to be steeped in darkness or ignorance. As the body ages, physical problems like sickness, disease, old age related slowness manifest. Hence, the "Jeeva" or being is always miserable, and in deep sorrow (which is broken by intermittent escapes of pleasure which we confuse with bliss or ecstasy). It seems, as if the "soul" is bound to the body, and can't escape; and this is BONDAGE.

So what is liberation? Indeed, this is the question asked by Janaka to his preceptor, Ashtavakra.

If you indulge in SHRAVANA, you will understand that the "higher self" is where darkness or ignorance has been dispelled by the light of knowledge. For some, deep meditation can bring on that light. So, shravana or listening to the podcasts wll automatically lead you to MANANA, or deep reflection.