"Jnana Yoga" or ADHYATMA YOGA or the Yoga of Knowledge

As per Swami Niranjan (Sam Yogi's preceptor),  there is that old Hindi rhyme:

"Paakar Janma Laakh Chauraashi,

Yonee Bhramata Yaha Jeeva Avinaashee."

English translation: The indestructible Jeeva (being) roams endlessly, having taken birth in one of the 8.4 million wombs.

Further explanation by Sam Yogi: The Jeeva is the soul. You are that Jeeva. I am that Jeeva. The cow is also a Jeeva. The dog is also a Jeeva. Every Jeeva (or soul) gains birth in an womb (there are 8.4 million such wombs), is Avinaashee or indestructible... However, by definition, birth begets death; and death, rebirth. Between Birth and Death is this life, sometimes funny, sometimes enjoyable, sometimes painful, sometimes pleasurable. The sorrows are also part of this life, and so are the sufferings. The reason for the sorrows and sufferings is Ajnana or ignorance...

(Note: 8.4 million is a number, and is not to be taken literally...)

Once knowledge dawns, ignorance vanishes for ever, and the "Jeeva" or the being or the human being realizes that it is nothing but the "Brahman" or the Source-of-All-Energy or the Father-in-Heaven or the truth-most-holy. Just as Jesus became Christ when he realized --- "I and my Father are One and the Same," you as a spiritual-seeker will stop seeking, once realization dawns.